Strategies to Promote Good Hygiene in Seniors


When it comes to senior health, good personal hygiene plays a key role in preventing infection and boosting overall wellness. However, everyday tasks become more challenging as we age. Fear of falling, low energy, and impaired mobility can make seniors neglect their hygiene. Hence, many seniors require ADL assistance from a home care provider.

As a leading provider of home care in New Hope, Pennsylvania, we will share strategies to help promote good personal hygiene in aging adults:

  • Establish a daily routine.
    Create a daily hygiene routine to help your loved one get used to performing specific activities like brushing their teeth or showering. To prevent their hygiene routine from feeling more like a chore, make it a fun part of their day by putting on their favorite music and helping them pick out their clothes.
  • Ensure bathroom safety.
    Numerous assistive aids can make the bathroom safer from the risk of falls and more comfortable for seniors. These includes non-slip mats, grab bars, raised toilet seats, and shower chairs.
  • Receive additional help.
    A professional caregiver can provide elderly hygiene care. It is a good option if your senior loved one prefers to receive help from a professional, rather than a family member. A caregiver ensures to meet your loved one’s hygiene and grooming needs each day.

Barnaby’s Home Health Care is a trusted provider of exceptional senior care services in Pennsylvania. Our caregivers are trained to offer assistance with bathing and grooming to address your senior loved one’s hygiene needs. Set an appointment with us to discuss our services.

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