Medication Management for Seniors


Medication assistance is one of the vital tasks senior care services in Pennsylvania provide elderly clients. As adults grow older, they tend to start experiencing varying degrees of memory problems. This may cause them to forget important things like what medications to take and when. 

Our caregivers are experts at providing all kinds of ADL assistance, including medication management. It involves speaking to the client’s doctors so they can learn more about their client’s condition and all the medications prescribed to them. 

Then, they can plan and implement the best way to organize and dispense the client’s medications. This may include repackaging the medicines into pill boxes and other containers. They can also take charge of buying new medications and refilling prescriptions at the pharmacy.

Our professional caregivers will ensure their clients take the right medicines at the right time, each day. They will also take note of the possible side effects and complications of taking these medications, to ensure they don’t affect the client negatively. This will prevent overdosing, underdosing, and other similar incidents.

Remember that taking the wrong medications can lead to the worsening of your loved one’s condition. It can even lead to trips to the emergency room, or worse. That is why hiring a caregiver to take care of medication assistance is a good idea and investment.

If you are looking for the best home care in New Hope, Pennsylvania for your elderly loved one, give Barnaby’s Home Health Care a call today at 215-689-0620.

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