Personal Hygiene: Signs Your Loved Ones Need Help

As your loved ones age, they may need additional assistance in accomplishing their tasks. However, some seniors need more than ADL assistance, grocery shopping, and medication management. Some seniors need support with their hygiene needs! But when do you know it is time? Read more below.

  • Dirty clothes
    Do you notice that your loved ones keep wearing the same clothes? They may have issues with their joints and bones, and changing to clean clothes has become challenging. It is a common sign they need senior care services in Pennsylvania, so check what they wear daily.
  • Poor oral health
    If you realize that the senior’s oral habits have declined over the years, it is time for additional assistance at home. To ensure they stay healthy and clean every day, hiring a caregiver that can help with feeding and oral hygiene is a good idea. Remember that oral hygiene is as essential as every other hygienic habit. 
  • Messy home
    A messy home signals that your loved one may have mobility issues. Moving around could be hard for them and increase their risk of falling or tripping. If your senior loved one lives alone, a disorganized home is a sign you need to hire additional support for them.

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