Common Hazards You Can Find at Home

Health conditions are notorious for taking away many of your physical and cognitive abilities. With these effects, daily activities like bathing and walking become a struggle, and independent self-care becomes nearly impossible.

Providing senior care services in Pennsylvania has taught us that poor health can lead to a dangerous home. When your abilities aren’t at their best, your risk of accidents rises. What are some common hazards you can find at an average home?

  • Staircases and Elevated Platforms

    Stairs, porches, balconies, and other elevated platforms pose a direct danger to those with poor mobility. Falls can happen in these areas. These falls can be deadly to individuals with compromised health. Make sure you explore alternatives like ramps and stairlifts to lessen accidents in these areas.

  • Slippery Floors

    Ambulating will be difficult when you go through certain health conditions. Doing it on slippery floors in bathrooms and kitchens is a disaster waiting to happen.

    To avoid slips, invest in non-slip flooring. You can also explore shower benches and roll-in showers for added safety.

  • Rooms with Tools

    Areas like the kitchen, garage, and basement contain tools and equipment that can cause injuries to those with compromised health. Make sure you supervise your loved ones when in these rooms.

Because of these dangers, it is only best that seniors and other individuals with compromised health receive ADL assistance and home care. Through these services, they can stay safe at home.

Here at Barnaby’s Home Health Care, we are dedicated to helping your loved ones stay safe at home. Our home care in New Hope, Pennsylvania, can help meet all your basic needs in your living space. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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