Know the Different Types of Home Care Workers


Reaching senior years is a big blessing in itself. Big thanks to the amazing advancements in technology, especially in the area of medicine. There are now more effective options for treating various medical conditions and keeping good health which has led to our longer lifespans. We, seniors, have now more chances to do the things we have always wanted to do which we weren’t able to do during our younger and busier days. Unfortunately, there are some challenges that come along with aging. These can include chronic illnesses, weakened bodies, disabilities, etc. which threaten to take away our independence. We could stay at hospitals or in any other institutionalized setting when we experience health issues, but almost all of us choose to age at home. Thankfully, it’s possible for us to continue living as independently as possible in the comfort of our own residences because of home care services like the senior care services in Pennsylvania. Read on to know the different kinds of home care workers.

  • Home health aides

    Home health aides are healthcare paraprofessionals who have met the criteria set by the state. They work in our home or work on a regular schedule. They can do routine chores which we cannot manage ourselves anymore like doing the laundry, preparing meals, and buying groceries. They also provide ADL assistance, take vital signs, check our physical and mental condition, and handle emergencies.

  • Companion/homemaker

    These healthcare professionals provide us with services such as companionship, cooking, light housekeeping, shopping, or running errands for us. They can accompany us as well to our medical and other appointments.

  • Personal care aide

    Personal care aides do the tasks of a companion/homemaker plus aid with personal care like bathing, using the toilet, and grooming. They have passed the training criteria which differ from state to state and start from none up to 100 hours that include some kind of clinical training.

  • Certified nursing assistant

    Certified nursing assistants can do all the tasks of home health aides, personal care aides, and companions/homemakers. They can also do or help in some of the medical procedures like basic wound care or the handling of catheters. They are required by federal law to have a minimum training of 75 hours. This includes clinical training for 16 hours. The majority of the states surpass this standard in which the range of general training can reach 180 hours and 100 hours for clinical training.

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